Creating a FileSystem

a filesystem is a logical bulk of disks that can be used to get redundancy or performance.
a filesystem consist of a one HD or more,
to create a filesystem goto File System Manager menu -> Create File System

Enter the following parameters:
Name:  File System name ( must be unique name )
Raid Profile: select the type of redundancy (
JBOD – no redundancy no data stripe|
RAID0 – no redundancy , data stripe across 2 disks
RaID1 – Duplicate data across 2 disks
RAID5 – consists of block-level striping with distributed parity on 3 disk or more
RAID6 – consists of block-level striping with double distributed parity on 4 disks or more
Compression:  Reduce data size by selecting a compression algorithm, you can select a faster algorithm to reduce access time or a Better algorithm to reduce space. Select None to disable this feature.
Mount Option: Allow you to setup a read only or read&write filesystem
Disks: Select the disks that will be part of the filesystem
SSD Optimization: Use this feature if you are using SSD disks, this will improve SSD health by using less writes.
Auto Defrag: Lets the filesystem defrag data automatically when needed.
Auto Mount: The filesystem will be mounted automatically after NAS is rebooted.

after entering all parameters and clicking save,
you should get the message:
“File System Successfully Created”

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