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    Connection error trying to connect from windows 10 via network
    \\ I get error
    \\EASYNAS error connecting

    I can see EASYNAS on my network but cant connect to it. Permissions at also set as brows-able.


    You need to check few things:

    1. The same user+password need to be on EasyNAS and Windows
    2. The user must have read permission to the volume

    I hope this helps.

    Mike perugini

    I have the same problem and i have usernames on windows as same as the easynas. but will not connect to share.. exclaims already in shared with different username. which this is not the case.

    Virtbox : easynase 1.x
    windows 10 pro (on domain)


    ok, i’ll try to replicate the issue.
    thanks for the info

    Kay Mussfeldt

    I think there might be a few more things to check:
    User limitation of the smb Protocol= It can only be used one user per Win workstation. So if there is already a connect (net drive) with another username open it will fail to connect with a different user.
    Second thing is then configuration of Samba. If this uses the old CIFS protocol, then this must explecitely activated on Win 10 ( install programs -> add additional features-> Serch for CIFS or SMB 1.0 protocol.


    thanks for the info.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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