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      After installation, I see the address on the screen “Browse to … etc.”
      But I cannot connect from the browser.
      I tried different options. I thought because of the firewall.
      I don’t understand if EasyNAS works.


        EasyNAS by default is open to all IPS,
        the access should be via the browser:

        there can be an issue with chrome due to the fact that the cert is self signed.
        this can be override using this:

        I’m working on a solution to this.


          I have the same problem.
          After installation via USB stick, the web GUI works only for a few minutes. After that, port 1443 is not reachable any more. The reason seams to be the stopped lighttpd service. It’s possible to start this service via ‘sudo systemctl start lighttpd’ but port 1443 is still not at listening state. It’s not visible via ‘sudo ps aux | grep 1443’. EasyNAS is still reachable via ping and it is also possible to execute a update (from to I have also installed the firmware for the Realtek NIC (sudo zypper install kernel-firmware-realtek).
          Where can I find boot logs and other logs? I’ve found some logs under ‘/var/log/’ but they are not very interesting…



            I’m sorry for your experience
            there was a bug in build 83 that was fixed in build 92.
            I’m planning to lunch version 1.0.1 that will fix few issues. hopefully this issue as well.
            I will add the realtek firmware into the installation disk


              Ah, okay, then I will wait for V1.0.1. 🙂
              Thanks a lot

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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