EasyNAS in RPI – what’s new

take look how my NAS looks like:

It’s not a plan, not a bird, it’s RPI 3 running EasyNAS + HD
It finally here, the exact same code that runs on x86 now runs on RPI. a huge break throw for anyone that want to create a DIY NAS project.
the changes were under the hood. moved to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed that supports all the architecture available.
I will also publish EasyNAS for RPI64, RPI32, i386. it’s now easy to support any architecture.

The Kit i’m using is from Geekworm:


it include case, power management and a fan. I will hav support in EasyNAS so it will be integrated naturally (increase the fan when it’s hot, or shutdown easynas when clicking power button)

Stay tune,


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  1. gangebob says:

    rasberry pi3 will supported?

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