EasyNAS on RPI

I am pleased to announced that starting version 1.0.2, EasyNAS will support RPI hardware on 64bit (can run on RPI4, RPI3b).
This is a huge step into bulding a DIY NAS from RPI, I’m planning to buy a kit and build a great NAS based on EasyNAS.
The current RPI version will only support ethernet , but I’m planning to add wireless support

please let me know if there are any issues with the RPI version.


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  1. Mike says:

    I have been using FreeNAS years ago but stopped using it because it was not intuitive enough and I had a bad experiance with a corrupted ZFS.
    I never found a simple but complete NAS OS replacement but I’m keeping track of EasyNAS because I like the simple but intuitive and complete interface.
    Last time I checked it out, I missed one important thing.
    Ones you have setup and configured the NAS there was no way of saving the configuration.
    Are there any plans to create the option to backup the configuration?

    • EasyNAS says:

      hi Mike,
      Actually there is an option to backup configuration, under System -> backup/restore
      it will allow you to put all configuration files in a volume, and restore it when needed.

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