Bug Fix version

EasyNAS 1.0.1 come to fix issue with Raid 5/6
and better logs to EasyNAS actions.
This version require re-installation of the software

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2 Responses to Bug Fix version

  1. everyone says:

    If we have to do a full reinstall of the software, just to move from v1.0 to v1.0.1 are we always going to have to do countless full installs? v1.1? v1.2? v2.0? forever?

    • EasyNAS says:

      in one word: yes,
      Since EasyNAS is based on Linux OS that has support Life Time, every few year a full reinstall will be needed
      to Install EasyNAS on a new supported OS.
      However I have a plan to make it easier with a way to migrate all settings automatically to upgrade with a click of a button.

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