Issue with version 1.0.87 prevent access to EasyNAS

there was an issue with EasyNAS 1.0.87 that accidentally deleted the account easynas.
The issue was fixed in version 1.0.90 .
in order to upgrade, use the console and select option 4 ( Search for EasyNAS updates)
After the update to version 1.0.90 everything should be fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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1 Response to Issue with version 1.0.87 prevent access to EasyNAS

  1. Mondie Itsik says:

    I am testing FreeNAS for the 3rd time
    Sorry I`m commenting here, tried to register, got to “page not found”
    Now testing 1.0.1 on Qemu 6. update just crashed, and will refresh even after reboot !
    other issues: 1st-web front:please add back button for error pages or sub menus.2nd on dashboard please add mem,cpu,net status . 3rd drivers: please add drivers and connectivity via WiFi as possible backup.4rth usb-install: please make availeble to download (per your recommandation ) a usb image also, and if possible with self expanding of file system,on first boot, to use all avalable space on the boot device (not my idea, comes from other projects)

    I thank you for you patiance.

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