EasyNAS 1.0

It’s finally here, the first version of EasyNAS, totally robust, based on OpenSUSE 15.3
all the great it had before plus many others.
It’s now easier to update, more stable, can be customize to fit everybody’s need, more performance, more NAS.

Beta repo it now opening to test new features before they will go into stable release.

follow these instruction how to enable EasyNAS Beta reop:

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7 Responses to EasyNAS 1.0

  1. Mark B says:


    It’s great to see you reach the milestone of a 1.0 release. I hope EasyNAS is very successful.

  2. Wladimir Mutel says:

    Great, but would it have a documented upgrade procedure valid through multiple future releases ahead ?

    • EasyNAS says:

      The new EasyNAS would be able to read the BTRFS filesystem,
      you need to reinstall it on-top of the old version and mount the filesystem.
      However you might need to reconfigure some of the features like users, groups etc…

      I’ll write something in the documentation about it.

  3. JeffP says:

    I’m currently using 0.8. I’d like to join the forum and ask questions, but WordPress has rejected my e-mail address. (Actually, it rejected 3 of them!) Is there a special handshake to get past the “You’ve entered an invalid e-mail address” blockade?

  4. Jozik says:

    It would be nice if informatiln about a 32 bit version was displayed more prominent.

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