New WordPress site, new repo site, new EasyNAS

I took a very long vacation from EasyNAS to work on other projects, but now I’m back. Everything is new:
Build new repo site for EasyNAS 
moved my wordpress site to a managed wordpress provider
Created an email account so people could reach me 
and EasyNAS 1.0 Beta 6 that fixed an old bug with AMD systems.
I’m continuing working on addons ( iSCSI is nearly finished) and got so many ideas regarding future version.
With the addons topology and repo it will be easier to implement and update.
RC version is coming .


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10 Responses to New WordPress site, new repo site, new EasyNAS

  1. luc says:

    Hi there, I ‘ve installed last version for terst purposes unfortunately what is the admin password ?
    admin admin seems not to work. I cleaned cache same error

  2. Miguel says:

    Hello admins

    It is not possible to access the forum through the website. “Post on the forum” sends you the link to and also it is not possible to create a user to enter and ask

  3. Cedric Stoner says:

    Good morning. Is there a “how-to” on configuring EasyNAS? I am testing out on an old laptop that I have and I’m trying to connect to a share via Windows 10.

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